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Identity Design

Identity Design

Logo & Icon Design
Brand Development
Brand Management

Your logo is the main visual feature of your brand. It tells the world who you are and what you\’re about. It can convey a feeling of being fun or serious, conservative or easy-going, hand-crafted or engineered… You get the idea.

Your brand, as fanciful as it may sound, is the overall feeling your business evokes in your audience. A sense of quality, satisfaction, caring, trustworthiness, etc., your brand is achieved through a combination of your product, your service, your visual elements and the copywriting style used to represent your business. Brand development and brand management are the tools used to differentiate you from your competitors and to keep you in the minds of your target audience on a visceral level.

I can help build the visual foundations of your brand. Be it your Logo, Icon Design, Brand Guidelines including Font Combinations and Colour Schemes to use across your media.

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